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Reducing the Electricity Bill

Reducing the electricity bill
With an electricity comparison from Vergleichsheld you will save up to £300,00 per year. Compare the current electricity prices and electricity tariffs and change to an electricity provider of your choice. Besides a reduction of the power consumption choosing a more favourable electricity supplier is the most advantageous possibility to reduce the electricity bill.

Change the Supplyer

If you have decided to save up to £300,00 per year, you can change your supplier for electricity quite simple. Read our information about finding the right electricity supplier and how to change.
Find out the easy way for a lower electricity bill, change your supplier for the future and save your money.

Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips
Besides the selection of a favourable electricity supplier and a view to economic and sustainable produced electricity, you are able to lower the electricity consumption and, herewith, realize positive effects on the environment as well as on your electricity bill. How you can manage it to save electricity without forego comfort, you will learn from our energy saving tips.

Save real money with the Vergleichsheld and reduce the height of your electricity bill considerably. With our electricity tariff calculator you will discover the tariffs of the suppliers operating in your supply area in an instant. It is possible to save up to £300,00, only by changing the electricity supplier. It goes without saying that our comparison also offers numerous eco-electricity tariffs.